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Last Day on Earth Mod – In a considerable lot of the world’s most prophetically calamitous subjects, the most mainstream is the fight against zombies. Maybe their fascination lies in the way that they are distanced from the likelihood that any individual could join themselves to them. Nonetheless, there are regular focuses that you can even now find in all the zombie individuals think. Swarmed, steady, oblivious and can taint all chomped life forms. That meets the comfort of being an extreme adversary for quite a long time in succession. It appears as though it has become a brand picture for engineers to abuse unreservedly.

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A hard endurance game and genuine

A day ago on Earth: Survival is certainly a thought game from the subject that is now notable in the gaming network. The game’s players are keen on this subject everybody knows. Today, the brand has accomplished more than 50 million downloads worldwide for Android clients. As of late, it keeps on working effectively with normal updates week after week.

Endure the zombie pandemic

As a matter of first importance, we should discuss Last Day on Earth: Survival. Clearly, when tuning in to this title will think about a world loaded up with zombies ceaselessly compromising your life. Players should flee or figure out how to battle, not let yourself be transformed into that cracking beast. Pick yourself and fabricate your own picture. You are permitted to pick sexual orientation, appearance, and facial highlights like different RPGs. In addition, when entering the game, there will be incalculable ensembles for players to pick. From Make your character in the game as your own and remember that the hardware has its own capacity.

Get things, manufacture and battle

With a simple joystick and activity fastens on the screen. Manufacture a little house, a couple of methods for transportation and weapons to get by in this disordered world. Hardware to battle and endure can be found all through the fight, and you can likewise create them in your stock. Regardless of whether you have the substantial hardware, remember to bring the rucksack as much as food and drink. Likewise, the most recent updates in the game will be a totally new occasion called “Police headquarters.” In this new occasion, you will be permitted to break into a police headquarters and the individuals who have transformed into zombies. Slaughter them all and follow the grouping of errands that it takes to get new rewards.

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In this refreshed form, players are likewise confronted with numerous new foes. They have an unquestionably increasingly unique capacity and appear to be identified with the continuous occasion. Changed cops and detainees, or monstrosities from the division. To wrap things up, there are heavily clad zombies with shields that are turned on consistently, making your experience substantially more troublesome. The big stake mode is additionally refreshed so you can test your karma in non-battle extra time. The main hindrance is that you invest enough energy and cash to put resources into this round of possibility.

What’s going on in adaptation 1.14.4?

  • New occasion “Hired fighters’ Camp”
  • Use hired fighters as an instrument to slaughter zombies. Find the inward quality of each hired fighter


  • Free art and development;
  • Endless ability focuses (you can spend them in the negative);
  • Division of single things;
  • Eating any food extinguishes craving and thirst;
  • In the wake of beginning the game, click on the round catch in the upper left to open the menu mod, which has the accompanying choices:
  • The division of articles expands their number;
  • Open all making plans (paying little mind to character level);
  • Moment strolling on a worldwide guide (occasions don’t show up without a misuse of vitality);
  • Everlasting status;
  • High harm;
  • Quick walk;
  • Hordes stop.
  • The mod doesn’t take a shot at multiplayer areas! For entering them with hacking, the game can boycott you!


  • Free making and development (doesn’t work in PvP zones, including Sector 7);
  • Free update
  • All plans are open
  • Fast making on Workbench
  • Duplication of single things
  • When part assets, their number increments
  • Durability weapon
  • Instant travel by walking on the guide
  • Unlocked all occasions on the worldwide guide
  • Unlimited food
  • Boost, x2 HP and other

How to Install ?

  • OBB path “Android/obb/zombie.survival.craft.z”
  • LIB patch “Android/information/zombie.survival.craft.z/lib”


  • On the off chance that you are as of now playing the mod and need to proceed with the latest relevant point of interest, introduce the new form mod apk record without erasing the old mod adaptation.
  • Additionally, to back up your advancement in the event that something goes wrong, duplicate the “zombie.survival.craft.z” envelope in your Android/information and glue it to an alternate area on your gadget.
  • To sign in and synchronize with your Facebook, Google account, you have to root and utilize Lucky Patcher


  • Horse Saddle
  • Kevlar Helmet
  • Kevlar Body Armor
  • Kevlar Trousers
  • Kevlar Boots
  • Mortar
  • Metal Pipe
  • Assault Helmet
  • Assault Body Armor
  • Assault Trousers
  • Assault Boots
  • ATV Transmission
  • C-4 Explosive
  • Clan Banner
  • Explosive Material
  • Tactical Backpack
  • Hand Pump
  • Repair Station
  • Zombie Truck
  • Chemistry Station
  • S&W Magnum
  • Land Mine
  • MI24
  • Electronics Lab
  • The Dragunov
  • Metal Cutter

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